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"So long as we continue to differentiate carefully between the requirements of each customer, the economies will bring benefits all round."
Kurt Weiss Greenhouses

"The call from Mapmechanics gave us the reassurance to upgrade to the latest version of Truckstops and go back to using a system we already knew would work well for us."
Garden State Growers

"Truckstops is also a very user-friendly product. We were able to get it working with minimal training."
State Industrial

"We found the Truckstops team very friendly and customer-focused. Dealing with them was a very pleasant experience, which we really enjoyed."
State Cleaning Solutions

Truckstops is one of the world's longest-established and most widely used vehicle routing and scheduling optimization solutions, used to optimize fixed routes, daily schedules, LTL, DSD, mixed fleets, multi-depot, multi-route and more at an affordable price, fully configurable to work with your operation.

You can enter detailed information regarding your vehicles and drivers and the goods transported, specify the order in which goods can be collected, take into account specific time windows and much more.

Ongoing development and support

Truckstops routing and scheduling software is constantly updated with new functionality and features while keeping the same, powerful optimization engine that has a proven ability to create efficient plans with significant cost savings.

Helpful videos and webinars that help you to get the most out of your software are available and our experienced team of logistics professionals are on-hand to offer support via phone, email or WebEx.

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Truckstops Routing & Scheduling

More about Truckstops vehicle routing and scheduling

Find out how Truckstops vehicle routing and scheduling solutions can save up to 30% on fleet costs and reductions of up to 50% on planning time while increasing customer service by arriving when your customers want you to, with the right vehicle and resources for the job.
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Territory Planning and Optimization

Territory Optimisation with OptiSite

The Mapmechanics range of routing and territory management products all help you optimise the allocation of work to resources, defining depot areas, creating rounds, routes, lanes and territories and helping you determine how many sites / territories you need and where they should be located. More at truckstopsrouting.com »

Logistics Consultancy

Map analysis and drive time data

Need to get a project finished quickly and no time to learn map-based analysis? Looking for new approaches and ideas? Or just need help modelling a scenario for new depots? With over 25 years of expertise we can help you optimize your logistic supply chain
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